Friday, May 15, 2009

Assertions on Mentoring #2

Let's ask: What is mentoring?

- It ensures people are able to find their areas of strength which builds great personal satisfaction and a charged group within that industry
- It can attract the brightest individuals to sectors and/or volunteer opportunities that cannot attract people with the lure of salary or stability
- It can stimulate new ideas
- It is considered best practice
- It opens doors to people and knowledge and opportunities

Simply put it is:
- Deliberately connecting and sharing
- Listening
- Encouraging
- Being honest and respectful
- Offering a safe place
- Informing
- Explaining
- Challenging
- Celebrating
- Being accountable for your choices

Mentoring is really all about you - your willingness to try something new - to think a new thought - to ask questions - to explore ‘what if’ and ‘what about’…

Mentoring is part of a long-term development plan and view of yourself.

I believe that while a mentor is someone who is committed to guiding and advising you … most importantly a mentor is a safe place where you can discuss the tougher questions - anything from heart-held career goals to work/life balance to office politics to self-doubt.

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