Monday, November 21, 2016

Personal brands & sharing them

How you are perceived is both a reflection of your brand and the brands of those with whom you surround yourself.

Hmmm... sounds like advice our moms gave us years ago, doesn't it?

The difference is in the intent. Ages ago the subtext was "only surround yourself with successful people." With a broader definition of success and joy in a diverse network, today the reminder is to "be mindful of how you share your brand and be respectful of how your association reflects on others." Less about surface and more about character.

My arts and not-for-profit background is positions my technical associates as forward thinkers as much as it showcases my own ability to apply knowledge across industries. We are greater than the sum of our parts - which is why networks and communities can do much more in the aggregate. Another positive check mark for having networks.

More than how my personal network (with me at the centre) is built, is honouring the trust given when someone else shares their network and their brand. Simple manners like 'ask before assuming it's ok to provide an introduction' or 'offer a heads up when information may impact someone' can go a long way to building further trust.

Your brand is more than your job - your network should reach beyond your own skills. Share across industries. Collaborate in many communities. Growing your connections with an authentic approach around who you are and what you offer can see everyone's perception of the participants deepen.

Success isn't skin deep - it's a whole community's reflection of us all.

Monday, November 14, 2016

What unites us as women?

It is definitely not a shared view of the main issue nor a single action plan. Our ideas, concerns and focus spans our contexts through the lenses of:

  • mothers
  • partners (or not or divorced)
  • parents
  • single parents
  • sexual orientation
  • work and work hierarchies
  • self-employment vs. employee
  • intrapreneurs & entrepreneurs
  • perception of self worth
  • past experiences with poverty, abuse and violence

...and so much more.

We are as diverse in our experiences and thinking as we are in our geographical locations and vocabularies.

What unites often is how we cheer each on while still maintaining our own unique areas of passion. We share in each others successes even if we don't fight the same fight. Thanks to Madonna for showing bra straps & roots. Bless our daughters and nieces for tattoos and denim as fashion. Wade vs. Roe. Ms. Steinem. My grama.

The elephant in the room is made of many problems. Grab the piece that appeals to you and know we're each doing our part and it all counts. We are united by our passion and our contributions.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

The “X, Y, Z” list

Exploring the different kinds of mentors there are... We either do these things for others or we seek them for ourselves.

Finishing with "X, Y & Z":

Xenograft-or:             mentoring at its most basic

Yammer-or:                Repeats an idea until you understand it
Yarn-or:                      Turns the improbable into a possible thread to follow
Yield-or:                     Invests time and expertise into helping others grow

Zag-or:                       Assists in a change of course
Zapper-or:                  Defeats negativity with you
Zest-or:                       Creates excitement and interest within you

Zipper-or:                   Neatly helps you find a solution, job or idea

This has been a fun list to develop over the years. Soon I'll publish the A-Z best - send me your favourites from the posts!