Monday, March 28, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Reset buttons

I was asked, "What's your reset button?" I believe I stared at the personal blankly. It was such a great question and I had no answer.

There's the obvious resets: the long vacation; sleeping in; pedicures; a movie night...

When time is short and nerves are frayed, what's the reset button? Is there one?

  • I play Disco Bees for 10 minutes
  • I walk outside for 10 minutes
  • I write my mom a note
  • I surf a shoe site
None of this is a conscious 'reset' choice though. Probably we need to all have a ready answer?

Monday, March 14, 2016

A mentoring conversation: 3 statements to evaluate life

These three opening lines have resonated with me so much, I keep them posted above my desk:
"I like...."
"I wish..."
"I wonder..."

What strikes me first is how open and positive they are. These opening words are a lead into difficult conversations and positive/negative feelings/ situations, yet they start with a sense of inclusion and opportunity.

The idea is to first state what you actually like about the topic. These would be the pieces you would strive to not change. When talking with your mentor, it could help identify what is working in your career choices, things to keep on the next phase of your plan.

"I wish..." is exactly that... a wish list. No holds barred. What might change? What might be included? What would be so outrageous it could only go on a wish list? What would you wish for if you were brave? Silly? Unfettered?

Look at what you like and what you wish and see if you can wonder aloud with your mentor where the links might be. What would have to happen to make a wish come true?

Wonder out loud the circumstances you could create to take a step towards a wish.

After you've like, wished and wondered Then figure out what can be in an action plan. Don't start with the practical and achievable - reach as high and hard as you dare. If you can achieve 100% of your plan, you didn't wish and wonder enough because there is always more.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Skills list - last part

Now we have a skills list that is comprehensive, showcases multiple facets of who we are and what we can do / like to do.

This list will serve as an inventory for a long time. Update it yearly, Move items around between the boxes. Things you loved to do will fall out of favour. Things you never thought you'd do will hit the top of the list. It becomes a reference point for building a cover letter, creating a profile or just assessing if you're where you want to be at this point in time.

One last part to do.

Examine the top 2 boxes.  If you had to pick....

1 - which are the top 3-5 skills from the "paid $/like" that get you out of bed? Which top 3-5, if you get to do them at least once a week, make your current job worthwhile? Which top 3-5 do you want your job to contain?  Are your job and top picks aligned?

2 - which are the top 3-5 skills from the "not yet worth $/like" that you most want to improve next?

The first is what makes you valuable to a manager. The second is what makes the job valuable to you. The first is what you offer them; the second is what they need to offer you. This makes work a two-way street. This creates fit. You own your development plan.

Sell the first set... sell the hiring manager on why you'll be a great fit with the second set.