Monday, March 31, 2014

Innovation... thoughts

Innovation /innovative thinking is a way to bring creativity and meaning to a problem or approach. There does not have to be a need for change or a call to action for which innovating can be a retroactive approach. Rather innovation often comes before there is a need and thus those who think ahead may experience a greater share of push back from those who are content with the unbroken/broken status quo.

Innovation is not necessarily the same as invention. An invention can be a net new concept whereas innovation can be a better use of the same invention. Innovation is different from improvement because improvements as incremental changes to the existing structure whereas innovation asks 'what's the ideal'?

Innovation isn't scary. Inertia is.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Just say hello

In a world where everything is described with superlatives, it appears that only a grand gesture will get you attention.

Not true.

Just say hello. Say it in grocery store lines, at coffee shops, during breaks and in elevators. You don't need to be clever or funny, just sincere. Say hello; listen to the response if you ask a question; don't keep walking by if you ask them a question (even "how are you?").

Write one email a day to someone just to say hello.

That's networking at its finest. That's staying connected. No transaction; no request. Just let someone know you were thinking of them.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another International Women’s Day

If you knew that was this week, hurrah! If you didn’t – well, then you’re not alone.
A proclaimed “day” doesn’t fix anything. It doesn’t guarantee a moment in the press. It provides an opportunity to create awareness, education and discussion.
Too often, we wait for others to organize that awareness. Too often we wait to only do it on the proclaimed day. While mint Girl Guide cookies are a time-limited option each year, the chance to further discussion comes with every coffee break.
It’s ok to miss a date in the calendar. It’s never ok to wait another year to further a cause (which ever part of it appeals to you).