Monday, August 29, 2016

Proof point for progress

I was driving with my son and his girlfriend ... a beautiful day and we were all joking around. They're both 25 and filled with the possible, including a view that the world can change (which it can).

She:  "Can you bake some brownies tonight?"

Son:  "Sure."

She: "I love your brownies."

Son: "I know... you just think that's all I'm good for." <grin>

Me:  "Naw. She just likes you barefoot and in the kitchen. hahaha"

Silence from them...

Me:  "You know... barefoot... in the kitchen... I'm being funny..."


Son:  "I don't think we know the joke, Mom."

Me:  "Uh, it's an expression that your feminist mom was playing with... You know... It used to be ok to say women should be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen."

She:  "Who says that???"

Me:  "You've never heard it?"

Son:  "Obviously not."

Me:  "Ever???"

She:  "Never. And if I did I would speak up about it. That's just not right."

Me:  "Well, I'm sure some of your friends have."

Sounds of them busy on social media

Son:  "Nope."

She:  "No."

Me:  "You just made my day."

Monday, August 15, 2016

Tiresome & patronizing

The headline read "How Women Leaders Can Unlock their Potential." Wow. Does that imply a woman is leader because of her gender and now here's how she really needs to execute the role? Or that women leaders are only doing a half-@ssed job?

Have we not already unlocked our potential? Is it less that we are supposed to learn to perform better and more that we're seeking recognition for the efforts and further opportunities?

Why not comment on how we should dress down our sexuality and keep our legs crossed at all times?

Would there ever be a title "How Men Leaders Can Unlock their Potential?" Or "Asian Leaders..." ?Geez.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The “U” list

Exploring the different kinds of mentors there are... We either do these things for others or we seek them for ourselves.

Continuing with "U":

uncement-or:                 Forces you to rethink plans
underdevelopment-or:     Adds the mentoring you were missing
underemployment-or:      Becomes the sponsor you need
-or:           Serves as a foundation while you plan
-or:        Has you focus on yourself for once
-or:         A mentor with a dry sense of humour
Unravelment-or:             Untangles the snags in thinking

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Guidelines vs rules

A rule is prescriptive. You follow it or you break it. It's an absolute. Non-compliance has consequences. It allows for no discussion.

A guideline is suggestive. It frames appropriate judgment. It's a variable. Non-compliance might have consequences if the rationale for straying outside the lines is not sound. It allows for discussion.

Some rules are necessary: stop at a red light; don't kill; don't steal; wear a hard hat...

Some guidelines are necessary: wash your hands after going to the bathroom; don't pet the strange dog; eat a good breakfast...

So ... the next time you make a pronouncement, is it a rule or a guideline?

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