Monday, January 3, 2011

A new year - part I

For me, the 'new' year will always be September. The leaves turn; kids go back to school; adults take out wool sweaters and everyone's freckles begin to fade.

January 1 is more about affirming the choices I made in September - big or small.

I write, talk and try to live every day around my concepts of community. I believe that for every step we take (in any direction), there is a small crowd that has helped us there just as we are part of the crowd supporting others. I believe we should make conscious choices around what we do, how we participate and how we contribute.

I started this journey first as a single parent, trying to understand how to cope and make the village part of my chosen family. I continued by trying to find respectful and creative ways to merge my life as an artist with my more 'conventional' job offers. I was inspired by Mitch Nadon saying to a group of us "I'm going to the top and taking 100 of my best friends with me!" I then realized that mentoring and networking were two of the best, simplest tools I could use and/or offer. 

Every day, you inspire me. From the comments, emails and calls to the articles quoting this blog. My village in 2011 is beautiful.  Thank you.

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