Thursday, March 8, 2012

Be selfish today and always!

Be Selfish!”
It’s not advice that women often hear; I thought it was fitting for International Women's Day.

I should probably define "selfish"....

-         Selfish means doing something you enjoy. It’s easier to get though the hard times when you’re doing something you love.
-          Selfish means not being afraid to ask for the assignments or support or gifts you want. No one can read your mind.
-         Selfish means making sure your sponsors understand the contributions you have made to a project and not taking a back seat. Toot your own horn often and loudly.
-      Selfish means supporting women everywhere in having rights, safety and support so that the same continues to be available and to grow - never take this for granted.

Ok, it’s not really “selfish” but definitely women - and men - should do all the above more often. Today is a great day to start.

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