Sunday, April 8, 2012

No good way to respond?

Certain interactions for women cry out for a snappy come-back or a withering look. But, in some situations, there is just no good way to respond...

One fellow turns to the woman next to him at the meeting and says "You're being too emotional."
Possible come back?  "Sorry, Mr. Spock; it's close to Pon Farr."

"They would listen to your ideas more if you were a man."
Possible come back?  "But then they'd find me unsuitable in a skirt."

"Women have to be ready to be called a bitch if they want to lead."
Possible come back?  "Tough decisions don't mean applying solutions with (or as) a battleaxe... but for you I can make an exception."

"There's no glass ceiling."
Possible come back?  "There's no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny but yet the gifts come anyway."

"You shouldn't be so upfront about your career aspirations."
Possible come back?  "Why not take the guesswork out of managing me?"

"When you told us the story of that thing you did, it sounded like boasting."
Possible come back?  "Boasting is when I tell you how I learned to sky dive/ make French pastry / speak 12 languages. Sharing accomplishments is like offering a taste of my chocolate bar - we both share a little sweetness."

"You shake hands like a man."
Possible come back?  "I bet you curtsey like a girl."

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