Monday, July 23, 2012

Mentoring is a contact sport

By "sport", I mean in the spirit of collaborative - not competitive - play. Think volleyball over dodge ball; group juggling over racquetball; Red Rover over Duck Duck Goose :-)

It's not for the fastidious who wish to remain uninvolved and unattached. It is eye contact. face to face and, occasionally, with handshakes and/or hugs. It can be done in groups or pairs, with or without props and according to formal or individual rules.

Winning is not about a trophy but the opportunity to play on different/bigger teams or with more folks.

You have to commit, dive in and be ready to share the field. You can't play by yourself. You don't need to be invited; you have a global free pass if you're willing to put up your hand and join the fun.

Relationships over acquaintances; depth over breadth; length over height. It takes a career to master and lifetime to enjoy all the benefits.

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