Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Post-Valentine's Day

I used to throw an Anti-Valentine's Day bash for several years. It started as a small dinner at my house, complete with balloons, wine and a B-movie from the 50s. It grew to be a massive pot luck for 50 where all the food was red or black and my favourite gift was a bouquet of beheaded dead roses. For many years after that it was held at a bar, playwrights did reading of anti-love scenes and I know of at least one proposal. Then I took a break.

Surrounded by the hearts, the flowers, the chocolate (in which I indulged) this year, I found myself a little less cynical. So what if it's a commerical cash grab? Why not have a day when it's ok to give a hug and say "I love you"? We often try so hard to avoid connecting that maybe a little help can't hurt.

This week I plan to hand out "post-Valentine's Day hugs." Mostly for myself :-) but hopefully creating a moment for some of my circles along the way.Silly? Maybe. Cynical? Less so every year.

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