Thursday, June 11, 2015

Complaining about time - a time waster

Dear Similar Circles,

How do you handle time? There just never seems to be enough.

Sitting Thinking Openly Pausing

Dear Stop,

The truth is that time is short – and the wait is long. How’s that for a platitude?

I only think I’m 17 but my body is 104. Today is dragging by (like parts of my anatomy) but I’m not sure how it got to be the summer already.

Time is the most valuable thing we’ve got and we squander it with less thought than we give to pennies. It is a non-renewable resource. If you had $20 and $40 of choices, you could go find more money. If you only have 20 minutes and you need 40, there are still only 20 minutes…And we’ll blow 15 of them complaining about the lack of time.

Once I figured out how much time I wasted complaining, I realized I had enough to take a lunch break. Which renewed me enough to squeeze an extra 10 minutes of work into the 20 minutes I actually had. Which makes no sense but just goes to show that time is a loop. Time is elastic. And a calendar’s days are numbered.

Now that you’ve read this and smiled, go show them how time is on your side.

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