Monday, July 27, 2015

Over 40

How come there is no Top 40 Over 40? Some folks get to their careers late!

Why is 40 the dividing line for women?

Canadian life expectancy for women is 83; for men it's 78. If retirement age of 65 assumes a guy will have 13 years to play... then would it make more sense to have women be seen as viable until 70?

Do we get more threatening after 40? Take less nonsense? Dress to please ourselves? Know too much?

Do any guys out there feel they're treated as aged workforce at 40? Usually that's about when the juicy promotions start coming for men.

I was told I might only have 15 years left to give a team so maybe I should not be so ambitious and just find my niche. I replied by saying they'd be lucky to get the same 15 from a 25 year old in this new working world and with my experience! I said it nicely though.

I'm not old; I'm polished. I'm not stale; I'm a continuous improvement project. I'm not "over 40"; I'm an IQ/ EQ not an age.

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