Monday, April 18, 2016

Do this now and be successful!

It's everywhere and it's driving me nuts. Superlatives. Extra exclamations!! Promises of shortcuts and quick solutions. The cliche or quote to unlock the one 'aha!' moment that was holding you back (!!!!).

There is no silver bullet, no magic one-size-fits-all formula for success (however you define it).

The next time you see The Top Ten List to <perfection /success> or A Few Easy Steps to <perfection/success> or The <perfect> Way to Attain <success>.... or Be <better / perfect> with these Hacks! .... Pause.  Laugh. Enjoy the author's perspective. Keep yours.

Remember that:

  • There is no shortcut for showing up and putting effort into a project or idea. 
  • Mistakes are necessary. If we only needed the conclusions, there would be no new ideas or experiments.
  • Your definition of success and your plan to get there has as much merit as anyone else's.
  • Some days we don't need to be better... we just need to be.

Wandering through LinkedIn has its merits... I saw this quote on LI which articulated a piece of my frustration this week. Of course it was a quote; I'm not immune just tired of it.

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