Monday, November 14, 2016

What unites us as women?

It is definitely not a shared view of the main issue nor a single action plan. Our ideas, concerns and focus spans our contexts through the lenses of:

  • mothers
  • partners (or not or divorced)
  • parents
  • single parents
  • sexual orientation
  • work and work hierarchies
  • self-employment vs. employee
  • intrapreneurs & entrepreneurs
  • perception of self worth
  • past experiences with poverty, abuse and violence

...and so much more.

We are as diverse in our experiences and thinking as we are in our geographical locations and vocabularies.

What unites often is how we cheer each on while still maintaining our own unique areas of passion. We share in each others successes even if we don't fight the same fight. Thanks to Madonna for showing bra straps & roots. Bless our daughters and nieces for tattoos and denim as fashion. Wade vs. Roe. Ms. Steinem. My grama.

The elephant in the room is made of many problems. Grab the piece that appeals to you and know we're each doing our part and it all counts. We are united by our passion and our contributions.

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