Monday, December 5, 2016

Humourous A-Z of types of mentors

Exploring the different kinds of mentors there are... We either do these things for others or we seek them for ourselves.

Augment-or:                  Helps you be you in all facets
Bewilderment-or:           Helps the lost find a path
Cement-or:                    Part of the foundation of your community, keeping it together
Discouragement-or:       Teaches how to handle feedback
Embodiment-or:             A role model
Fulfillment-or:               Uncovers desires and dreams
Gedankenexperiment-or:Theories of mentoring and networking brought to life
Harassment-or:             When you need someone to help you find a way out
Impalement-or:              Lets you get away with nothing
Judgment-or:                 We’re all good at this to differing degrees.
Knackerment-or:           (thx Karin!) They know how to do a really good debrief
Lament-or:                   When the world just seems too much, they hold your hand
Movement-or:               Helps you frame your vision
Nourishment-or:            Feeds your passion
Ordainment-or:             Helps you find your calling
Pavement-or:                Builds a road with you to wherever you're going
Quiet Enjoyment-or:      (thx Anne!)  Can sit in silence and relax while you both think
Readjustment-or:          Support during the first stages of change
Sediment-or:                 Asks you to dig right to the bottom
Testament-or:               Also an active sponsor as well as mentor
-or:          Serves as a foundation while you make plans
Varmint-or:                   Offers new perspective on those who drive you crazy
Wonderment-or:            Uncovers new passions in you
Xenograft-or:                Mentoring at its most basic
Yield-or:                       Invests time and expertise into helping others grow
Zest-or:                        Creates excitement and interest within you

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