Monday, June 12, 2017

Say "Yes" for a day

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Here's a way to twist your brain.

Try to go one whole day without saying "no". Try not to start a sentence with no. Try to not interrupt someone by saying no. Try not to say no when you mean and or but or hang on.

Try to consciously say "yes" instead.  "Yes and..."  "Yes if what you mean is..." "Yes, I will think about that." 

But if you can't manage not saying no - then see if you can spend the day agreeing with the ideas and opinions presented and build on them instead of pointing out the holes (shore them up instead of tearing them down), you'll find a lot more folks saying yes to you well past the day spent in a no zone!


Shazz said...

Love this. I'm feeling a bit negative today, so I will give it a go and see if that changes my outlook :)

Dennie Theodore said...

Thanks Shazz! Let me know if you find a technique to add?