Monday, July 31, 2017

To discuss in a mentoring session

A good mentoring session can take the conversation past the immediate concerns and move it into longer term goals and awareness.

Topics to raise:

  • "Ins and Outs" of industries or organizations that might be worth exploring for networking or partnership reasons
  • Locating other folks in other industries or organizations with whom you could have a tea and build your community
  • ‘Safe places’ to explore a dream or plan - with mapping a direct path being secondary to discussing fit and purpose
  • Sharing guidance, advice and encouragement (and the occasional smack to the head as I required this week - thanks Terri!) for career, balancing work and personal, being a woman in the work force, etc.
  • Practice “soft/communication skills” - listening, questioning, offering feedback, introductions, etc.
  • Turn the tables and discuss a mentor's current challenge
  • Research and how it might affect our work -  Edelmans Trust Barometer report, a Gartner report etc... or even a book "Getting to Yes" or "Break Your Own Rules"

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