Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finding a mentor

Yes, there is currently no order to the subject approach but neither is there such to the questions coming in! LOL

It seems daunting to have to find a mentor. 

The first problem is that many folks don't consider themselves mentors and, as such, don't make themselves easily available. Do you consider yourself able to mentor? (I will write about 'what is mentoring' in a the next post)

The second issue is that we often don't tell our community we are looking for a mentor. 

So no one is putting up their hand on either side; it's a silent game of Marco/Polo!

As usual, the first step is a bit of research. Ask yourself:
1 - What kind of mentoring am I seeking? (skills, industry knowledge, philosophical approach, etc,)
2 - Who do I already know who has it?
3 - Am I comfortable approaching them? (yet another entry to come)
4 - Am I open to someone outside my own company/industry?

You might be surprised that a potential mentor exists within your current circle already. Or, if not your mentor, then someone who holds a possible introduction to someone who helped them in the selected area. 

The issue, as ever, is not that you should think - in silence and alone - about how to reach out.  Use your network; have conversations. Let folks know what you need and allow your circle to help you find it.

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