Monday, October 6, 2008

Leaders Network cont'd

So what is an example of leadership process around networking for a project or business program purpose?

The introduction.

That’s the greeting we give at a regular meeting where we may/may not know the other folks around the table. The usual “duck duck goose” game of introductions at a business meeting is to offer minimal information as one goes around the circle until it gets back to the chair where - “goose” - the meeting then takes off.

This is squandering the opportunity you and your teams and their teams get a dozen times a day - a chance to connect for the first time or deepen a connection.

These introductions should be viewed as a strategic business opportunity to offer information and open the door to future conversations either by revealing new information about oneself or by reinforcing information for new and established colleagues.

We should deliberately move from simply offering our name and title to offering meaningful information (which of course can change in context). “Hi I’m Dennie, Manager of X” becomes “Hi I’m Dennie and I focus on the project’s change management needs.”

And if that prompts someone after the meeting to ask “What did you mean by change management?” then a conversation has begun.

It’s a process. You can coach to it. You can use it. It is not only part of your personal brand but reflects your team’s reputation.

Why didn't I figure this angle out sooner?

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