Friday, January 8, 2010

Educate your sponsors

You wouldn't send a fundraising letter without an explanation of the value to the larger community. You wouldn't address this letter "to whom it may concern". You probably would try to connect with the person face-to-face before making a hard pitch. You certainly wouldn't make it sound needy, whiny, or bitter.

So why (oh why!!!) do folks think it's ok to walk up to others at events and, after a 2 minute superficial introduction, ask for a job/purchase of services/reference?

Honestly, we take more time debating a menu selection!

If working with someone is like a marriage... and referring someone a reflection of your own personal brand... the fact that I like your glasses or you think my story about teenagers was funny is not shortcut to being on each other's list of BFFs.

Life is not best served by making everything end in a transaction (sometimes yes, but not most). Build the relationship THEN work through the possible scenarios.

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