Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please yourself

I hear variations on this question a lot: Should I give folks what they think they want or what I want to give them?

Give what you want to give. Always start from desire and negotiate from there.

Write the bio the way you want the world to see you. Apply for projects that excite you. Have coffee with those that interest you. Give a respectful but honest answer to questions asked directly of you.

Don't say/do/be anything to get yourself in the door because both sides will be uncomfortable when the veneer peels off.

Am I perfect at this? Nope. I love to please folks and sometimes that doesn't have me speak up with what I really meant to say. But I'm making an effort to break this habit and please folks with openness and an willingness to listen so perhaps they'll be more comfortable telling me their desires rather than what they think I want to hear.

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