Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tired of all the fuss around new?

I just had a long conversation with a few folks about how distracted we can get with the concept of 'new' before we've actually fully exploited the existing/old.

So while technology, social media and marketing is often about the new... sometimes rather than debate the best text messaging platforms, remember there is still a phone. The warmth (or lack thereof) in a human voice can never be matched by an emoticon.

Cell phones may not always be smart phones but sometimes that's all your kid needs. The iPad still needs you to have a home computer. The eReader does't mean the paperback is dead. New and old can co-exist. And sometimes new is simply new and not better.

Remember too that the last person to cross your path is not necessarily smarter/better/cuter than the person you see every day.

New isn't always better. Old isn't always irrelevant.

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