Monday, August 23, 2010

Wine, women and song

What's your definition of a great event? Whether an intimate dinner or a large function, you've possibly thought of the 3 key ingredients above. (some events I prefer gin but that's another post...)

Wine because it suits most occasions, is a key to unlocking conversation (in moderation of course), and because it gives your hands something to do. The last is often the most overlooked since folks tend to feel less awkward if their hands are occupied.

Women because we suit most occasions, are key to unlocking conversations (moderators) and keep the room flowing. We're excellent at hosting as well as participating and making folks comfortable.

Natalie MacLean's marvellous reviews and posts always intrigue me. They're personal, informative, often humourous and inclusive. In June, she blogged about how women are more likely to try "new things. They're also far more likely to think of wine-food pairings and other social factors."

Song because music can create a sense of intimacy, filling gaps in conversation and making folks feel less awkward.

Ok - so I'm being a little silly and irreverent. But there's something lovely about taking a stereotype (wine, wimmin 'n song) and showing how fabulous we really are.

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