Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Seems that, during the holiday month of December, everyone is making a list.  Card list, gift list, year-end@work list, food list... I even was shown a Holiday concert list!

Of course, the most dreaded list of all - the New Year's resolution list - is also due this month.

I say ... Tear up your lists! (not really - just fold them neatly and put them away for a minute...)

We get caught up in our lists to the point where we forget why we're doing all the things listed. We forget that lists are about more than order or a prompt for an overly busy mind. Lists are the steps towards a purpose, a goal.

What three things (no more than three and no cheating with large vague items) would you like see at the end of December?
  • I'd like my kid to feel rested. 
  • I'd like my work pile to be a few unfiled papers and no more.
  • I'd like to have had at least 3 days with nothing to do and no appointments to keep.
So anything on my list that doesn't help me achieve the above is getting crossed off now.

Process is only useful if it supports the vision. Re-evaluate, refine and maybe re-list? There's still time before December 31 :-)

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Suzanne said...

Ah, vision. Lost sight of it for a minute. Thank you!