Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday season is upon us

If your calendar is like mine, you've got coffees/lunches/dinners/celebrations already piling up. I haven't been able to squeeze in a jog in two weeks!...but I did get the gifts sorted last night.

Holiday season is a whirl of year-end activity at home and at work. Today, December 1, this is what I do:
  1. Make a list of everyone I'd like to thank/re-thank for their support this year.
  2. Decide if an email, card, e-card, phone call or gift is best. (Default is a card)
  3. Block 30 min ea. day to create the "thanks". More than that I get tired and curt in my writing.
  4. Get it all distributed by mid-Dec. latest.
I know I'll miss some folks. I know everyone else is busy sending out similar cards etc. 

But why waste an opportunity to say thank you? For those of you who find it awkward, December helps create the expectation!
It's step #1 that's the most important for me. We forget how large a community supports us without taking a minute to reflect. You'll discover your list may grow - as you remember one individual, 2-3 others will pop up along side of them. Growing your network is not as important as maintaining it, otherwise it's nothing but a ripple that will slowly diminish the farther out it spreads.
Thank you to all of you who read Similar Circles. If December had time, I'd buy you all a drink!

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