Thursday, September 29, 2011

Freedom Thinkers?

Some days it's all about helping folks with change and their fears around it. Other days, it's like-minds who are embracing change - because change happens everyday; it's the scale of change that fluctuates.

I had a lovely lunch with Drew Dudley of Nuance Leadership who runs headlong into change with an open heart. We got into a great discussion on change and transformation, waving our forks and almost stabbing the waitress.

"We can't talk about change like it's happening outside our every day lives!" we cried. And then I broke into a fit of giggles. "Freedom thinkers. We need to form a group of freedom thinkers! Free from fear of change and free to ask the dumb questions that help us all embrace changes."

Except a few days later, the concept of freedom thinkers - while it still makes me smile - seems a thought worth pursuing.

I just need some help defining it....

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