Sunday, November 20, 2011

Following your passion

I heard a lovely talk by George Kourounis at the Leader's Lounge inaugural event hosted by Drew Dudley of Nuance Leadership. I have heard both speakers before - especially around the concepts of using fear appropriately and what makes good, everyday leadership.

This time, the conversation also touched on passion and doing what you're good at. However, it wasn't about spending hours defining a goal /a passion and pursuing it. The two men talked about how they simply, in every job they'd had, understood what skills interested them at the time (I call it "what gets you out of bed in the morning"), pursued opportunities to use/expand those interests and how the cumulative effect lead them both to careers that were about all the skills from throughout their careers.

These aren't fellows close to retirement age. It may have taken a decade or two to get to where they are today but they were very clear that neither of them had foreseen the direction their careers would take. They simply followed their true interests - which lead them through many types of roles, all of which were very satisfying at the time.

Which is a great conversation with our mentors and mentorees:

  • Enjoy where you are today. And, if you don't, find something you can enjoy to do instead
  • Know yourself - and let that knowledge evolve
  • Plan ahead but understand the outcome is just a snapshot of what you know/who you are today 
  • Be open to change if it's around skills that interest you even if the direction is unexpected

It's that last one for which I needed reminding. I don't need to control the ride; I need to enjoy it if it comes as a result of things that get me out of bed!

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