Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No name tags please, I'm allergic

Yes, I know that - for those of us who can't remember names to save our lives - name tags are a necessity.
But other than being a prompt, there are more reasons why name tags should be left off the event toolkit.

1 - Everyone already knows who the *stars* in the room are. (if they don't, pick them out by the large crowd of folks vying for their attention)

2 - There are probably a dozen "Susans" or "Jims" in the room; we need to find a more compelling reason to be remembered.

3 - I don't want someone to look at my tag; I want them to first look at my face.

4 - Name tags clash with the good jewelry and shouldn't be stuck or clipped on good wool jackets.

5 - Name tags don't help break the ice or start a conversation.

6 - Imagine your grandma in a name tag. Doesn't work, right?

7 - Kids don't wear name tags and they all manage ok.

8 - People will try to remember your name if they want to remember you. Chances are they'll also take it away on a business card at that point.

9 - If you're going to stick a word on me, make it descriptive instead. "Scoffs at Convention" would be better than "Hi, my name is..."

10 - Life doesn't come with name tags. The hospital ties on on you so they don't misplace you but friends and family take the trouble to learn your name.

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