Thursday, February 23, 2012

I hate laundry

Not because it's my "duty" to do laundry... simply because there are always better things to do than go down to the basement and sort, hang and fold.

I know folks whose spouses do the laundry. I know folks who like to do laundry. I know folks who have a system, or who send laundry out, or who have a housekeeper. I spent all summer buying underwear because I was coming home too late from work to tromp downstairs late at night and stay up even later to transfer wet things to the dryer.

Laundry is not in my work/life balance equation - it gets in the way of both. Laundry is up there with doing taxes or re-grouting the tub. Except laundry needs better than yearly attention; I was pushing it with my summer fling with La Senza.

I would rather shovel snow or weed the lawn than do laundry. I would rather dust the tops of the picture frames and clean out the cat box! I would rather polish my silver.... ok, maybe not... but you get the idea.

I swear on quiet nights I can hear the pile humping its way across the floor, multiplying, reaching the stairs, creeping up to the kitchen, leaving a colourful cotton and denim smear through the house replete with forgotten kleenex and misplaced cat toys.

Why rant about laundry?  Because laundry is like email - of which I have plenty at work, in my inbox, my archives and on my Blackberry. Think about it... laundry & email... a seemingly unlimited supply...

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