Tuesday, May 8, 2012

6 words create the most impact

I read the book review first . Describe yourself in approximately six words. Even Oprah got into the act.
Much more interesting than a resume. More engaging than name and title. I challenged my mentorees and peers: "Introduce yourself well in six words."

You say name, department/company and...
(My name is XX from YY...)
  • six words on who you are
  • six words on why you're there
  • six words on what you want
Pick one of the three choices.

Choice picks from my circle include:
  • It's all good. No, it's not.
  • Don't give up. Do give in.
  • Program lead, acronym user, BB addicted.
  • Manager, father, rugby play, accountant.
  • Defined by costs, projects and coffee.
  • Trying to understand drivers and loopholes.
  • Can be bribed with whipped cream.
You need to be "meeting-appropriate". You also share who you are. It's an elevator pitch with personality.
Try it; play around; join us....

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