Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mentoring and Networking together

On the train this morning, two women were talking about mentoring. Both are being mentored and doing mentoring. Both saw mentoring as a thoughtful approach to building a whole life view: career, passions, outside work activities.
"Mentoring is so much better than networking," said one.
"Oh yes! I hate networking," said the other.

And yet, what they were doing on the train was networking: building and deepening an existing relationship.

Their conversation also reflected a common thought: mentoring is about a career and networking is about finding a job.

You may not mentor every day but you do network. Networking is not simply about handing out a resume and impressing strangers. Networking and mentoring work together to build community - out of which you may find jobs, friends, opportunities and ideas.... and good conversations on a train.

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