Sunday, September 9, 2012


I just broke a few personal records in Snood... that's after playing an hour of Monster Burner... The reason I sat down at the computer was Not to play games but to rewrite a paper... which still isn't done. :-)  I hear Carly Simon singing in my head but "Anticipation" is replaced with "Procrastination."(someone must have done the parody by now?)

Normally, I'm a fan of a little procrastination. Letting my mind idly wander for an hour often percolates some ideas. Getting off the treadmill of having to 'get things done' and be productive 24/7 has been proven in many studies to actually make us more productive. Daydreaming is a desired activity (though it's weird to call daydreaming an 'activity').

Other times, procrastination is a sign that we are actively avoiding a certain task (vs. being lazy or disorganized). Sometimes it's worth having the conversation as to why a certain task falls to the bottom of the list (budgets and spreadsheets, anyone?)

Some times, procrastination is simply a sign that we are overloaded and it's time to take a break.

That might be the mentoring conversation I need to have next - asking why a task is being avoided instead of chastising /being chastised for not making a deadline.

Either way, as long as missing the deadline (real or self-imposed) will not cause a plane to fall from the sky or empires to burn, perhaps a few moments of Chicktionary might be the right way to think this through...

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