Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's ok to lose a day if you're sick

Is anyone else annoyed by the commercial that says "Life doesn't stop because you're sick"? As though listening to your body's need for rest some how lets everyone else down?

There's often a long list of reasons why we think we can't: parenting; deadline; big event... in fact all the things that make up a full and diverse life. We could make a similar list why we should stop: can't think as well; might infect others and keep the cycle of illness going; might prolong illness; might feel better; might discover no one noticed we took a day :-)....

It's ok to be sick and stop for a day. Raise this with your mentors and mentorees. Raise this with the women you know. Life doesn't have to stop but we can sure slow down for a day.

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