Thursday, November 1, 2012

My tweets from the conference

For those not on Twitter, here were my 'real time' Ah-Ha! moments at the conference.  Strangely, the conference had no hashtag set up. Several of us simply used #unmmc12.
  • "Understand your stand, then seek to understand" C Pettit
  • Closing style drives trust & comfort in a mentoring relstionship
  • "People do not resist change, per se. They resist loss." Dr M Searby
  • We need to acknowledge the sense of loss that comes with any kind of change
  • Success = know outcome, reasons, plan ACT...but beginning is most important
  • If one can't express an idea, one should pass selling it to someone who can...doesnt dimish credit, keeps brand clean
  • The kind/strength/nature of relationships around you contributes to success
  • The common variable for those who succeed against the odds is "a mentor" 
  • omg "mentoring" is Not a buzz word to represent daily/normal need to ask questions and find team solutions to immediate need!
  • Framework for online mentoring needs prior face/face relationship and/or face tech (webcam etc)
  • Coaching is for success today; mentoring is for success tomorrow
  • We learn best when we perceive no threat.
  • Nothing is less inspiring than someone telling you how smart they are and how vast their references vs sharing their smarts
  • Great conversation on mentoring in business. real world mentoring is messy! 
  • "sageliness w/in & kingliness w/out" is Confucious view of mentoring 
  • The issue of direct mgr as mentor is Not nepotism but TMI, confidentiality & support past immediate job/duties
  • Outdated statement? "women need mentors to teach acceptable behaviours in male world"
  • Cultural/social/emotional intelligence in mentoring - does MIT Center for Collective Intelligence have any research on this?
  • Are folks worried about "liability" if they mentor? (is this like good samaritan worried about being sued?)
  • How many business mentors think about learning styles when mentoring? should they?
  • Mentors choose mentees pick those like themselves...bad for women given it's men above the glass ceiling?
  • Mentoring = your actions speak so loudly I can't hear what you're saying
  • Road a yellow schoolbus into 1st morn of the mentoring conference. Like going to camp but with more suits and less singing.
  • Mentoring is listening.

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