Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Parking Tickets vs. Networking Events

Even the most diligent can run 15 minutes overtime at the parking meter. I am not the most diligent.

I have managed to keep my misdemeanors to fewer than 5 a year but that’s still the price of a great pair of pants or a few networking events… which got me thinking: why do I willingly pay parking tickets instead shelling out for networking events?
Takes time and money
Takes time and sometimes money
Lines the coffers of city hall
Lines the coffers of professional organizations
No visible reward or thank you
Potential gains and thanks
Can be annoying
Pesky unpaid tickets limit my ability to get a city parking pass or my driver’s license renewed
Without a network, I might not do as well in my career (or generate the cash to pay the parking tickets)
Can be done in private /solo
Can’t be done solo but can be a private one/one
Takes 10 minutes
Takes at least an hour
No transportation required if paying online or by mail
Can increase chances of getting a parking ticket if you drive to the event

I’m still a believer in building community and networking is a valuable tool. However, this week, I’ll probably just pay my parking ticket. J

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