Monday, July 22, 2013

Renovations & apologies

Renovations - as I've discovered - mean my internet connection is ripped out of the wall. Actually, for a few weeks, I had no walls. Then, when the walls went back, it took a few more weeks for the utilities people to be willing to step through the chaos, tools and debris to re-install the plugs.

In the meantime, my pre-arranged posts ran out.

My sincere apologies to all of you. I missed writing even more than I missed sleeping in my own bed. Renovating a house sucks. Blows. Is awful. Pick an an adverb.

Renovations seem to be the summer theme for many of us. Not everyone went as far as my little house with no walls, water or floors... but work, relationships/circles and careers seem to all be undergoing large change - some deliberate and some seasonal, some infrastructure (behind the walls) and some cosmetic.

I'm thinking through what change really means to me - how broadly to embrace it and how to find emotional space when change is very large and/or encompassing multiple fronts. Any and all ideas welcomed!

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