Monday, November 18, 2013

10 steps for presentation nerves

1 - Breathe.
Really. Sounds simple but usually we hold our breathe when nervous. You’ll sometimes see me put my hand on my belly button when presenting to remind myself to breathe deeply.
2 – Smile.
Most folks are not looking for mistakes. They’re looking for you to succeed. They’re on your side.
3 – Look at their eyebrows.
Eyes are distracting. When you look at eyebrows it looks like you’re looking people in the eye but you’re not ;-)
4 – Take your time.
A 5 second pause feels like eons to the speaker but only a breath to the listener. Try it.
5 – Know who are your allies.
Look at them. See them smile and nod back at you.
6 – Know your material.
Feel confident in your idea even if you’re not confident in your speaking.
7 – Give yourself permission to not be perfect
It’s ok to stumble or say “I don’t know; I’ll get back to you”
8 – Plant both feet when speaking.
Stand like a tree, rooted.
9 – Practice. A lot.
Do your presentation in a mirror. Laugh with yourself. Enjoy it.
10 – Breathe.
Anyone have more to add?

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