Monday, November 2, 2015

Keep reading!

The glorious part (not the painful part) about hurting my back the past few months was all the time to lie around, eat chips and read till my eyes saw double. Books, blogs, articles, questionnaires, research papers... you name it, I devoured it. (thus the need to now get off my duff and stop eating chips...)

A few things I learned:
1 - Headlines do not tell the story. Headlines are there to get us to read the story. Half the time the headlines are more interesting that the story.

The issue is that folks take the headlines and quote them. Take this headline: Research Says Women Don't Actually Want to Be Promoted. I can just see some folks taking that headline and quoting it as a 'fact.' Yet, the deeper I read in the research, the more it was about the fact that women are more cognizant of the balance required between outside commitments and growth in professional responsibility. We are not saying we don't 'want' the promotion; we weigh more pros /cons before accepting. "It's not because the women surveyed couldn't get the leadership roles either. In fact, there was no doubt they could “realistically attain” the same success as their male counterparts, but it was just lower on their list of priorities; “they have more life goals than men do.”"

2 - While articles geared to men rarely mix the personal and professional, articles for women seem to take it for granted that we can't leave our sexuality at home. (not that we should but that's another debate and a personal choice). "

"Depressing Study Reveals the Age Men Find Women Most Attractive"  Suprise, it's 29...

3 - A lot of what's out there tries to create a problem that does not necessarily exist or pretend it's a brand new problem/solution. My favourite headline for this is "Here’s Unequivocal Proof That Men Can Be Feminists Too" Were men complaining that no one was allowing their entry? Were women doubting they had male support? Was anyone demanding proof? Who were the doubters and how did they get air time over discussions on solutions and ideas?

Keep reading. Keep asking questions. Keep the conversations going!

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