Monday, October 26, 2015

a thought on long 'to do' lists...

I make lists. It keeps me organized. At very least, it lets me vacuum my brain of all the things I'm supposed to remember that I have to do. It's usually a printer sheet of paper with at least two columns of what starts out as nicely typed thoughts that are overwritten with scribbles, additions, cross-outs and doodles.

I love my lists. I really do use them.

Recently, the lists seem to be getting longer. I'm not sure if it's because there's more to do or less hours in which to do it all. Cleaning up the backyard before winter (in July it was simply listed as 'mow') vies for attention with 'submit expenses' and 'get food'.

Here's a question that now applies to all items on lists: Is this really important and to be done in the next week or so and, if yes, who can help?

Suddenly, my lists look different. My kid may not be answering my texts but the yard is done. My expenses are mine to do but a team member took over some travel bookings. My list is on a roll! Go, network!

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