Monday, January 16, 2017

Often sites and associations (like LinkedIn) see folks asking to be part of our networks with nothing more than a note ("Hi, I'd like to be part of your network") and no basis for the association. I won't connect my LI network to anyone I have not personally met or with whom I have not corresponded. I send a short reply to requests and, 9 times /10, I don't get an answer.

Hi XXX, Please excuse me; I meet over 100+ new folks a month and sometimes I have trouble remembering folks. Have we met? I was flattered to be invited to your network; I make sure I know every individual personally with whom I connect. If we haven't met "officially", then perhaps we can find time to have a chat/email or two first and figure out how we might connect beyond an LI list? with respect dennie

I'm not sure this is the only way to respond; I'm wondering if anyone has an even better approach? 


CallieK said...

Found my way to your blog from your Fresh Collective profile (you look fabulous btw.) I have the opposite response for LI- I add anyone who asks because I have no idea where that network might take me but the more contacts the better I think. (I do have a similar policy to yours for facebook however- I don't add anyone I haven't met and I'm discerning about people I have met as well)

I do like your approach however because it gives and opportunity to start a conversation rather than just randomly collecting names.

Dennie Theodore said...

thanks CallieK. i figure that as long as i have a purpose for each of the social media platforms i use, then i can be consistent. So i admire your approach as well. Networking is aboit conversations, however you choose to create them. (and thanks for the Fresh compliment... a bit outside my comfort zone but a fun personal challenge!)