Monday, January 30, 2017

Community is necessary

Is my glass half empty or half full? I am a half full kind of person though some days I am not sure of what it is half full....

In the midst of all the current social, political and economic questions (to name but a few categories), it would seem we all might need to step up our game and add our voices.  I am working through what that means to me personally; I welcome your insights on what you have chosen as responses for yourself.

This is why community matters - our personal, professional and neighbourhood communities. Communities do not have to be in agreement on the tactics, just united in a vision for change. We build our communities through networking...creating friendships, alliances, new ideas and skills, reaching new audiences, opening stronger dialogue, and promising to support each other in times of crisis despite differences.

A glass alone cannot be enough. We require community to act as the pitcher from which we all can share.

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