Monday, May 1, 2017

Advantages of older women

Older women might
  • Laugh and sometimes pee a little at the same time (go ahead, guys, try it...)
  • Look down at their less than perfect tummies and think "a baby came out of there" or "that was a meal worth having"
  • Get a tattoo and have no one ask how it will look when they're wrinkled 
  • Forgo "period" undies and wear pretty ones every day
  • Wear cool vintage by shopping in the back of their own closets
  • Have a long loud belly laugh without embarrassment
  • Wear blue-hair and make it really blue... or turquoise... or even purple
  • Act "immaturely" and have it called "being young at heart"
Perhaps most importantly
  • Have nothing to prove while maintaining a drive to learn
  • Mentor and be mentored with little ego and lots of insight
  • Understand that work/life balance is simply prioritizing & choices
  • Believe that being grown up does not mean being static or finished
  • Allow themselves to choose based on interests & passions vs. peer pressure or manager preference
Anything to add?

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