Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mentoring yourself

Image result for cheer pom poms clipartLet's take our inner critic and per her to good use!  I'm tired of mine mumbling about how my eyeliner is crooked or my time wasting only got books read and no laundry done. (she's very hard on me.) My inner critic rolls her eyes a lot, sigh in great exasperation and occasionally sounds like my mom.

I'm hard on my mentorees too. However, I offer advice and corrections with love, support and the best of intentions.... an approach I don't often offer myself.

I need correction. I need some criticism even though I don't like it. It is useful to be able to give yourself feedback.

We can do all this with a little understanding and encouragement instead of the usual "oh I'm such an idiot!" and other inner stories of the same type.

Think of it as mentoring yourself.

  • Getting it right the first time is less important than trying/practicing
  • Talk through successes so they can be repeated easily
  • Talk through mistakes or course corrections so they can be done differently in the future
  • Let go of the things that make you roll your eyes at yourself if you'll never have to face the same situation/challenge again. Move on!
  • Look at your daunting plans with your inner critic and remind both of you of the strengths you possess that will help you in the rough spots
  • Remember to cheer yourself on for no reason at all except you were there
We share with respect and kindness; let's include ourselves in the coaching. 

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