Monday, November 20, 2017


Deaths, illnesses, divorce (singular), disappointments - we all have those stories which showcase our ability to bounce back and continue. We also have stories of success which require resilience - like a sugar crash after eating a whole birthday cake (true story!),  the letdown and thoughts of 'how can That be topped ever again?' can be just as difficult. 
Resilience is a great topic to discuss in a mentoring conversation. Uncover your fears, your strengths and your questions.
My latest story is wonderful view of seeing my son launched into the world as an adult. After 25+ years of having his care in my hands - directly and, later, indirectly - seeing him take on his latest career and find his strengths made me proud, happy and grateful. Then I sat back and thought.... now what? What's the point in the job I have? The relationships? The house? ... you get the idea. While I made the best choices for both myself and my son at the time, I found that pleasure in his independence also meant a crack in my supposedly solid foundation. 
So I'm stepping out into the void... watch me go!!​

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