Thursday, January 15, 2009


Resilience is a skill. I've read that in a lot of places - lately in an article my dad sent me by Dave Thompson, author of A Healthy Mind. Resilience starts as an attitude - a desire to be resilient in the face of setbacks - and is honed as a habit, a mind-set and a skill.

For networking and mentoring, I define resilience as a chosen habit to keep looking forward regardless of a seeming lack of choices. Even if I don't like a possible 'next step' I add it to the list for consideration. Even when I feel the world is working against me, I make it my choice to respond positively (even through the private rant inside). And I plan and plan for contingencies (which often never happen) so in the middle of a crisis, I can feel the angst but trust the logic I found earlier. That's the real truth of resiliency for me: it is planning - for my career, my needs and my community.

My 'resiliency habit' is getting better but it isn't perfect (yet).

Resilience is important in our approach to networking and mentoring. Not every connection is successful or grows. Not every request is met with an open mind. Not all advice is helpful.

This has all been foremost in my mind as I navigate my way through a new, undefined role and make new relationships. I am worried about being successful; I won't let that keep me from trying to really enjoy the process.

Of course community plays a role in all this. Our communities are part of how we find new ideas and provide a cheerleading section when the positive view is harder to find.

Thanks to all of you (and my dad) for the cheering lately. I can't stop bullets but I'm healing much faster when I can't duck fast enough!

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