Friday, December 4, 2009


I don't know about you... but I hate writing my bio. Either I sound flaky (though myself) or I sound like a cross between Mother Teresa and a machine.

I know very few folks who write their bios well. And even fewer who have their communities review them.

Here's a few thoughts I've picked up from the discussions around 'bios' this week:
1 - it's not your resume. It's what you hope someone from your inner circle would say about you if asked.
2 - therefore your bio can change depending on the circumstance but
3 - it's wise to have your circle review your bio. Sometimes they'll point out they'd say even nicer things than you wrote for yourself!

Put what's important to you in your bio. Add what has made you proud. Make it offer a 'taste' of who you and what you are like. Most of us just list our accomplishments (which really is of interest mostly to our mothers and those seeking a mentor) and never go any further.

- adding your philosophy
- mixing some personal highlights with the professional
- consider the bio as a conversation starter about you instead of a finite ingredient list of your skills

Play with your bio. I have a few versions of a 6 word bio which I can then also use as an introductory statement when meeting new folks. I have a full page bio. I have a bio for print and a bio to be read when I'm introduced to speak.

You're multifaceted. Your bio should open a window on the jewel that is you!


Conversation Starter Questions said...

Totally agree with you. Personally I hate bios that sound like a wikipedia entry.

Laurinda Shaver said...

Don't forget your videoBIO.. :) There is more than one way to create your bio.