Monday, December 28, 2009

Forgotten resolutions

Those are the ones we don't think of as 'worthy' to be resolutions. We think of them and dismiss them as too easy or fun - as though resolutions must be like punishments for the excess of the previous year.

I call them the 'self-care' resolutions... the ones we never seem to get to as we do for others or do what's expected first.

Consider what might make 2010 brighter, simpler and cheerier for you. Mentoring others also means caring for yourself the way we suggest others care for themselves.

I'm going to read more non-business books (murder mysteries!). I'm going to buy a t-shirt in a bright colour and throw out worn undies in place of new. I'm going to stop apologizing if my eyes tear up during moments of frustration. Most importantly, I'm going to indulge in two over-priced Sunday lattes if it means an extra hour with my kid, hearing about his world.

My 'forgotten resolution' list is longer but you get the idea...

Of course, I have my career plans and my year plan. But first and foremost I resolve to to walk my talk, including in uncovering moments of joy.

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Laura Hagglund said...

oh boy - right. resolution #1 - make a year plan! lol.

My resolutions include learning to run, increasing my flexibility (in all ways), and making my festival "Movement X" that I've been thinking about for a year actually happen.