Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't wait - prepare!

Most of us wait till we are changing assignments to redo resumes, think about our core skills and maybe develop a bio. It's like shopping for holiday gifts Dec. 24 - silly.


Since many of us find our day jobs a little quieter over the holidays, why not put aside 15 minutes a day (or even every second day) to brush up your tools? Make or revamp a skills list. Read your resume while you're not in a rush - find a better way to state your accomplishments or add the latest ones. Practice the holiday introductions you can use at parties and events.

Mentors - offer a holiday coffee to help your peers and mentorees focus on one of the above bits. No one should have to develop their tools alone!

Remember - you also need these tools to enhance your 'brand' within your current situation. The clearer your story - the more folks will offer to tell it!

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