Friday, June 18, 2010

The “I” list

Exploring the different kinds of mentors there are... We either do these things for others or we seek them for ourselves.

Continuing with "I":

1. Immurement-or: Breaks down walls with you
2. Impairment-or: Breaks down barriers with you
3. Impalement-or: Lets you get away with nothing
4. Implement-or: Turns ideas into actions
5. Improvement-or: Moves everything up a notch
6. Increment-or: Demonstrates how to pace yourself
7. Inducement-or: Tempts you to try new things
8. Inveiglement-or: Demonstrates the shadowy side of negotiation
9. Investment-or: Shares themselves with you
10. Involvement-or: Shows you how to share yourself with others

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