Thursday, June 24, 2010

So then what happened?...

If you live/work in downtown TO, chances are you've been at an 'alternate' location this week. You may even have been on your couch. Your teen may even have been bringing you bowls of food while you spent endless hours on the phone/remote connection to work. You may even had discovered at 10pm that you had never made it out of your pjs or showered.

It has been interesting discovering everyone assumed that:
- being out of the office meant you had 'extra' time to develop material/have meetings on non-essential projects
- if they didn't speak to you/someone while everyone was out of the office, folks assumed others might think they weren't working
- phone meetings were easier since everyone was in the same non-room and finding alternate ways to listen/be listened to
- laptops aren't as good as iPad for needing to wander around the house during a phone meeting and take your information with you while you wondered why the dishwasher was making that awful sound

Even without an office, this week I met new folks without ever leaving my couch (or getting my own food bowl). I wasn't wishing for a web cam but I sure could have used a wireless headset. I had people laugh and committees think. I put in lots of overtime and I managed a call with my mother.

I'm not looking forward to going back to the 'old' office model; I think it's time business mixed it up a little!

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